Starlight Deco Dream

Delicate Dot Rainbow Skirt

$110.00 - On sale

Image of Delicate Dot Rainbow Skirt Image of Delicate Dot Rainbow Skirt Image of Delicate Dot Rainbow Skirt

A delicate dotted rainbow-sheer simply magical skirt!
It consists of two layers to create this lovely look.

The top layer is a sheer rainbow netting with flocked white polka dot finished with a lovely white bow-embroidered lace at the hem. The layer underneath is made out of 100% cotton printed pastel tie dye and stars fabric. Due to the nature of the tie-dye pattern, the colours from each skirt will vary skirt to skirt. The waistband is full elastic so it is very stretchy.


✩Waist (Min Size) 26 inches
✩Waist (Max Size) 28 inches
✩Length : 19 inches

✩Waist (Min Size) 32 inches
✩Waist (Max Size) 36 Inches
✩Length : 20 inches

Since it is stretchy, it fits a variety of sizes, but please keep in mind the more it stretches the less full it appears. The print itself is so sweet any way you wear it!

(•̀ 3 •́)━☆゚.*・。゚ Stay Magical! ☆彡

Please note, colours will vary slightly due to monitor settings.
May have small imperfections as it is handmade and made with some recycled material and is handmade. ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*