Starlight Deco Dream

LAST ONE "MAHOU KODOMO" Acrylic Nameplate Necklace

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Image of LAST ONE "MAHOU KODOMO" Acrylic Nameplate Necklace

Now there is a necklace to proclaim that you're a "MAHOU KODOMO." Mahou Kodomo means "Magical Child" in Japanese, so wear this for the magical hero in you! ~~ ♥

This bold and beautiful version of my classic "Mahou" necklace is sure to stand out with any adorable outfit. Hopefully, when you wear it, you'll feel like you have Magic Style too.

These feature a lightweight plastic or silk-nylon chain and pastel acrylic. The findings are all silver-tone and near the lobster clasp closure it has a Starlight Deco Dream tag charm.

While the necklace and pendant is sturdy, please be careful with it as it handmade, delicate, and can be scratched or broken if thrown around.