Starlight Deco Dream

Magical Girl Jewellery Fanart Grab Bag


Image of Magical Girl Jewellery Fanart Grab Bag

This is a grab bag featuring 12 to 15 items of my past laser cut acrylic fanart jewellery. I no longer sell these creations as they were made when I would go to conventions and sell fan works. This is the only way now to get any of those items.

All packs come with necklaces but some may have phone straps, keychains, earrings, or pins. These packs feature my magical girl fanart jewellery adorned with Swarovski crystals and have a value of up to $300 USD! There may be a few items such as small simple keychains that may have a small scratch on them from being in storage, but all of the Swarovski crystal jewellery is in perfect condition.

Each pack comes with a waterproof vinyl fanart sticker as a bonus!
The price includes shipping within the United States.